Wearable Conference @ Phoenix, AZ

04/19/2017 – 04/21/2017, Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

It was a great experience attending WearRACon17.

I got the opportunities talking to many researchers in the field.

04/19 – Profs. Thomas Sugar (ASU), Heike Vallery (TU Delft), Levi Hargrove (RIC), Conor Walsh (Harvard); Mr. Jie Gu (Fourier Intelligence), Mr. Zhenhua Xu (Fourier Intelligence), Mr. Bin Zhou (Fourier Intelligence); Dr. Gery Colombo (CEO, Hocoma); Dr. Karen Nolan (Kessler Foundation); Mr. Bret Bostock (BOA Technology).

04/20 – Mr. Greg Kanagaki (US Army), Mr. Kurt Mudie (Australia), Mr. Roger Bostelman (US NIST)

04/21 – Prof. Jim Patton (RIC), Prof. David Reinkensmeyer (UCI), Mr. Duncan Treffers (Laevo)

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